Letter: Caiazzo for town councilor in Scarborough

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The contentious conversations between neighbors, and negative comments too easily spewed on Facebook, have led me to worry about the divisiveness in Scarborough. We all have very strong beliefs, very heartfelt reasons for why we feel the way we do. But when the issues make it to the Town Council, those folks sitting on the board must put their own emotions aside to hear with an open mind what everyone is saying. We need someone who will use intelligence, research, compassion, and most of all compromise to represent the greater good for our town. This is why I am voting for Chris Caiazzo for Town Council, and I strongly encourage every Scarborough resident to do so as well. He’s open minded yet passionate; he’s intelligent without condescension; he’s looking out for the best interests of this town, and that’s who I want sitting at the table voting for Scarborough’s future.

Tracy Murphy