Letter: Buy local, even if it's inconvenient

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I’m writing to tell Sandi Amorello (No Sugar Added: “Buy local ( I dare you)”) that she has the concept of “buy local” all wrong.

Sales girls aren’t supposed to keep shops open late for people who show up late. Making threats to small business is not the way to support them. Buying local is not something we do because its cool. We shop local because it’s the right thing to do, even when its inconvenient, more expensive, takes more time, and forces us to walk on outside streets – oh yeah, and because it keeps money in the local economy. We buy local because we take personal responsibility to make our ideas reality.

I don’t know if I have a solution to the author’s attitude that everyone else is to blame for her problems being able to spend money locally. But if she shopped first and ate later that might solve the majority of what’s going on.

Another idea about shopping locally – things made in Maine are much more “local” than any import. Also, the Old Port is not the only place in Maine where folks can find “local” shops.

Shane Boyington