Letter: Bus benefits Portland, Falmouth

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I live in Portland and rely on METRO bus service for my transportation. I have heard that the Falmouth Town Council is considering stopping the bus to their town from Portland. I hope they will reconsider this plan, as there are a lot of people, including myself, who use this bus on a regular basis to get to work and to shop.

I take this bus at least three times a week to shop at Shaw’s, Goodwill, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Staples and various other shops. If this bus were to be cancelled I would be at a loss, and so would any other people who go to Falmouth to work and to shop and to get to doctors appointments.

I understand that not many Falmouth people use the bus, but a lot of Portland people do. They spend their dollars, which I am sure helps Falmouth’s revenue. I hope the council will look at the losses there would be on both sides.

Floray Roche