Letter: Brunswick's courting of Oxford Aviation

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Copious thanks to The Forecaster, and in particular, the intrepid Steve Mistler, for having pursued the story of Oxford Aviation and the Brunswick Naval Air Station, rather than simply reporting on what occurs at various public meetings and parroting statements issuing from assorted public officials.

Reading Mistler’s report, a reader can’t help but gather that the Brunswick region, facing the devastating closure of BNAS, is as vulnerable as an aging matron looking for one more chance at romance. Enter Jim Horowitz, with help from the ever earnest F. Lee Bailey, and their glorious promises of international leadership and astounding economic growth for the area. In so many words, the love of a lifetime.

That love is conditioned, of course, on state and local taxpayers fronting the funds to prove that the affection is mutual. While other “ladies” purportedly are bidding for their affections.

Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority Director Steve Levesque is deeply concerned that shining sunlight on Horowitz and Oxford will kill the deal, and has been unwilling to disclose the details of the arrangement with Horowitz. Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner John Richardson has called for “confidentiality” to protect the conduct of what is clearly the business of the public.

There comes a time when “gut instinct” trumps the rhetoric of public officials, especially when taxpayer funds and political careers are involved. This is one of those times for me; you can decide what you think.

Pem Schaeffer