Letter: Brunswick should create park at Mere Point

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When I served as a councilor, the Brunswick Town Council made access to the water a priority. We achieved this goal everywhere but Mere Point. In fact, my last, sad vote on the council was to oppose the state boat launch on land acquired by the state on Mere Point. I did so because it was not to be a public park.

For me, a Mere Point public park with low-impact use, under the aegis of the Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department, has been a long-term hope. A place of leafy shade, picnic tables, proper parking, modest trails, a canoe or kayak put-in, maybe tide pool walking – something for town center dwellers to know they can use, and where they would be welcome. There could be a committee of volunteers living nearby to see the park become a place for citizens to use and enjoy. It seems to me that this four-acre parcel under discussion might just fill the bill.

I urge a cooperative spirit between the town and the land owners to see that the establishment of a Mere Point park goes forward.

Faith K. Moll