Letter: Brunswick councilor's concern misplaced

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Brunswick Town Council Vice Chairwoman Deborah Atwood, an at-large member, said she doubted her ability to support Kestrel Aircraft’s bid to take up residence on the redeveloped BNAS due to Alan Klapmeier’s previous involvement with military drone development. Voicing such concerns at this early stage of the project shows a reckless, irresponsible attitude on Attwood’s part. The Mid-Coast region and our town in particular have been dealt double body blows in the recent years, first the closure of the base and then the recent severe downturn in the economy. These events have led to millions of dollars leaving our local economy, which hurts every business own and private citizen.

Attwood does not seem to care. Her concern seems reserved for advancing a fringe, leftist agenda that is not held by the majority of the citizenry. Is it better to allow the potential represented by the vacated base go unrealized and reject the opportunity for good-paying, skilled jobs than risk association with an individual who may not share your radical, minority views? I believe councilors must balance personal views with those of us whom she represents. I believe they must take the long view and work for the betterment of our entire community, not just those they agrees with. Attwood’s comments suggest she does not meet this standard. If Attwood cannot find the strength of character to step up to this standard, maybe it is time for her to at least step down from her leadership position, if not from the council.

Jeffrey Alan Morse