Letter: Brunswick councilor speaks her conscience

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I would like to respond to a recent letter from Jeffrey Alan Morse about his concern with Brunswick Town Council Vice Chairwoman Deborah Atwood’s stance on a company that has been involved with military drone development and currently seeks to set up shop at Brunswick Naval Air Station. One has to read the news to know that non-combatants are regularly the victims of these drone attacks. I am glad that Atwood has the courage to voice her concerns over this plan. I vote for officials who follow their conscience, who put the total well-being of their constituents above any temporary panacea for a sagging economy. I have heard the claim that such businesses “bring in jobs,” while they tear down mountains for gravel mines, or pollute rivers for the sake of a dumping place for debris. One has but to look around to see the effect of greed on the poor and on our lands and waters. And I hope that all of our elected officials would have the courage to hold views that went beyond a temporary “fix” and considered the long-range moral implications of their decisions.

I continue to support Atwood in her concerns. I also applaud her attempt to place a resolution before the council that Brunswick’s bloated war funding be put back into education, public safety, construction, etc. in our community. It is another instance of putting conscience above the dollar. It is another instance of speaking the truth to power.

Ed McCartan