Letter: Brunswick chairman should resign

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There is no way to rationally look at the comments that the School Board chairman, Byron Watson, made in regards to House Speaker Hannah Pingree except with utter disbelief. Had he simply presented the merits of his message that Brunswick is being hit much harder than any other community in the state he would have presented a sound argument against the school funding cuts. However with his comments preceding his request that the speaker lobby for Brunswick he comes across as someone who himself does not understand the enormity of the situation facing the town.

I have known Byron for some time. Byron and I have even spoken recently about the funding issues facing the town. I, too, believe that there are members of the delegation in Augusta who are using this latest matter as a distraction for the pain that Brunswick may feel in real dollars lost from the school budget in the coming months.

Despite all of this, the fact remains that Byron made an unconscionable error that cannot be tolerated. For the good of his arguments and for the sake of the town’s people I think it is appropriate that Byron step aside as School Board chairman. We should all expect better out of a leader and the women of Brunswick should accept nothing less.

Once this is resolved, perhaps the focus can be placed back upon the issue at hand that Brunswick is being hurt more significantly than other communities.

Jonathan Crimmins