Letter: Brunswick budget needs another look

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I just finished reading about the Brunswick town manager’s budget, and his reasons for raising our taxes. His reason for doing so is the loss from the downturn in the market.

I believe all of us fall into this same situation. We are also getting nothing on our savings and yet we are expected to dish out more money so they can build new buildings and add turning lanes to accommodate this new building. I wonder why our Town Council resists the use of the McLellan Building and the existing Federal Street site, where you can place the police and the town offices with a lot less expense for the taxpayer. I am sure it would not need millions of dollars to do the renovations. I am not opposed to our police having new quarters, it is needed, but if we can renovate our homes, why can’t our town officials do the same with the existing buildings? As for raised crosswalks on Maine Street, please leave them alone. We pride ourselves in having the widest main street in Maine. It is bad enough now with the fiasco created around the First Parish Church, which is great for them, but horrible for the traffic . I am wondering how our snow plows will maneuver around that maze.

I urge our elected officials to please reconsider your plans and and think of those who may not be able to afford that hike in their taxes, and end up losing their homes.

Julie Dionne