Letter: Bond key for South Portland Public Works

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After touring the South Portland Public Works Department, there is no doubt in my mind that the city is in need of a new, modern and safe headquarters.

The Public Works building was constructed in 1930, when there were no rules or regulations to safeguard the health of workers; environmental issues were not considered.

Asbestos floor tiles and ceiling tiles line the floors and ceiling. There is no proper ventilation; smoke from welding or burning in one bay affects those working in adjoining bays. Equipment cannot be raised more than 12 inches from the floor. The layover quarters for employees are not handicapped-accessible.

As the economy improves the interest on municipal bonds will increase; the inevitable replacement of the Public Works building will be much more expensive. Now is the time to take advantage of lower rates and give Public Works a safe and pleasant work environment. Vote yes on the bond issue.

Marshall L. Gibson, president
Gibson Realty
South Portland