Letter: Bliss is the wise choice

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Larry Bliss states that his legislative aims, if re-elected to the state senate will be to balance the best interests of the individuals and families he represents with promotion of business and jobs and protection of the environment. What a difficult task to coordinate all this.

Often, enhancement of one set of interests can easily derail progress on another. However, Larry has shown remarkable breadth of understanding and skill for finding where our several interests come together and where action for one will also advance the interest of the others.

Consumer protection has been a prime theme of Larry’s legislative efforts during his time in office. Indeed, the Maine chapter of the National Association of Social Workers named him legislator of the year. At the same time, the Maine League of Conservation Voters gave him an environmental score card of 100 percent and the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce gave Larry Bliss an award this year for “outstanding work in economic development for our region.”

A final note: Larry Bliss sits on both the Taxation Committee and Judiciary Committee of the State Senate. These are prime positions within which he can continue to serve all of us both fairly and productively. Wouldn’t we be wise to keep this man in office?

Dolores Broberg

South Portland