Letter: Blame the system, not conservatives

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In his recent column, Edgar Allen Beem proclaims that “conservatives blame the poor for requiring expensive services.” One need only read Christine Rousselle’s Forecaster Forum about welfare fraud to understand where conservatives stand on this issue. We blame the system that allows some individuals to suck off needed funds by abusing the rules. If we rooted out those fraudulent welfare recipients, there would be enough assistance for those who truly need it. By suggesting that conservatives blame the poor, Beem shows his lack of concern for real fiscal reform.

People greedily hoarding their wealth notwithstanding, individual generosity will prevail, as has always been the case in America. We are a nation of generous people. Over the years large corporations, CEOs and some top wage earners have been allowed to gain more from tax loopholes. I might point out that both political parties are at fault for not fixing this problem. The government should never force its citizens to give to the poor. The progressive mantra “paying your fair share” is really a cop out. Eliminate the loopholes and reforming the tax code and welfare system will help immensely in attaining fiscal responsibility.

In as much as it pains me to say this, I have to agree with Beem about Gov. LePage’s proposal to cut MaineCare. But there needs to be a discussion of fixing the system rather than throwing around sophist ideas. We need to deal with the source of the problem instead of blaming each other.

Lin White