Letter: Big difference between cell phones, cigarettes

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I am appalled. I thought John Balentine was better educated and would know the difference between smoking and hand-held use of cell phones by drivers (Here’s Something: “Props to LePage for letting freedom ring”).

The latter is not just a question of your freedom and safety, but it also involves my safety, and thus becomes an area that falls under the social contract we all live with.

Do you also object to red lights? It is entirely appropriate for the state to regulate this. Cigarette smoking is quite a bit different (although if you get sick and I have to pay for your care, that involves me, too). My problem with that law was the age thing. If you’re old enough to fight, you should be old enough to make your own stupid decisions.

But driving while using a cell phone is something else indeed. I don’t want your stupid decision killing me.

Sarah L.O. Smith