Letter: Beware the 'Ikea syndrome'

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I did relate to Perry B. Newman’s dispatch from Tel Aviv (“Living on the fault line”). What I’ll call the “Ikea syndrome” occurs in America as well when people seek obliviousness from events of monumental import by taking refuge (or escape) in the relative trivialities of everyday living.

I don’t think anyone can predict what will occur next in Northern Africa and the Middle East. However, I am convinced that the role of Washington in the Arab states is taking a sudden turn (mitigating), and with it a life-threatening predicament for Israel might result. The pro-Palestinian propaganda throughout the Web does not help Israel. The fingers behind the “populist” uprisings have left no discernible thumb prints so far (unless you believe these were all “spontaneous”). The power and designs of the Muslim Brotherhood might be overstated by some and understated by others. The Web is saturated with “paid” bloggers, tweeters and writers for one “wannabe” empire or another. Conspiracy theories abound. The White House and State Department are mum. Iran pushes the envelope (unopened since 1979). A perfect storm of confusion is occurring. A “New Chaos” might be upon us.

To the markets, the price of oil trumps that of human lives sacrificed on the altars of revolution and regime change. Who knows where it will stop and for whom it benefits. I think of Hillel.

To the House of Israel, I am most certain he would advise: If I am not for me who is? And if not now, when?

Michael T. Bucci