Letter: Beem's 'satire' hits the mark

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I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying Edgar Allen Beem’s column recently. His ongoing satires of the liberal mindset have had me chuckling for hours. Beem continues to deftly expose the radical left wing’s self-righteousness and hypocrisy, all the while playing the part of a liberal columnist. Brilliant!

From mindless adoration of President Obama, to vilifying other viewpoints (while espousing the left’s openness, tolerance and kindness to all mankind of course), Beem’s satire really hits the target. Liberty, self-reliance and capitalism are cleverly positioned as the opposition to “equality, justice and the common good.” Anyone who differs from Beem isn’t “rational.” Because of his “superior education,” only Beem should enlighten us on how to think. By God, why would anyone pay attention to a mere waitress? I love it!

I will continue to relish Beem’s columns in the years ahead and appreciate the wonderful service he is providing to moderates and conservatives in the community. Without his enlightening satire, many more might be swayed by the gibberish spewed by the extreme left wing.

Andrew Sanford