Letter: Beem's latest column confirms suspicions

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Edgar Allen Beem is back to his old self. He can’t refrain from ridiculing everyone who has a different view of the world. His recent column, “Liberals hate the rich, enslave the poor,” just confirms my belief that Beem must wake up each morning with a screaming headache that can only be cleared by spewing dislike for anyone to the right of himself. Over the years of reading his articles I couldn’t decide whether he was a modern-day Luddite, a Chicken Little, or a plain curmudgeon. Now its confirmed, he’s all three.

He can’t keep from calling names, most recently at Gov. LePage; he may be rough on the edges, but he’s a good man who understands that there is only so much money to dole out. Money from the feds? Well they will be $20 trillion in debt by the end of the Obama administration, so if we are that much in debt who spent it and for what? I know, they can print more, thereby increasing inflation and devaluing the dollar. We do have rules to follow and a wonderful road map directing our efforts; it’s called the Constitution, and yes, Justice Antonin Scalia was right that the language is clear and not elastic, to be added to or removed by executive edict.

My advice to Beem is to take two aspirin, relax and consider the future you are proposing.

Richard A. Lord