Letter: Beem's health-care vision is wrong

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Edgar Allen Beem wants single-payer universal health insurance as the most equitable, efficient and economical way to deliver health care, the way Canada, England and other developed nations do. In fact, most of these countries have a hybrid system of private and government because Beem’s dream doesn’t work. I am in Canada four to five months a year and read what they say about their health-care system: “Health care system imploding, Canada’s doctors meet to discuss wait lists, role of private medicine”; “Public-private hybridization best care option.” Did any of this appear in our biased, left-wing liberal-agenda-driven media?

Is this about health care for everyone or power and politics? Is it about getting all of our economy into the government and then we will talk? Even if there were just one Republican left standing he or she would be the reason the Democrats cannot function or get much done and they will always blame Bush. Even with the addition of the “SNL” buffoon, Al Franken, they can’t seem to get the votes to do it their way because sane, responsible moderate Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats want to slow down, try and get it right the first time, take a look at what is being hidden, understated and stonewalled. Thank you Sens. Snow and Collins for not crossing the aisle until plenty of sunlight is allowed to shine in.

Corey Hammond