Letter: Beem’s dreams don’t go far enough

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Edgar Allen Beem’s jotting for making the U.S. a better place (The Universal Notebook: “King for a day”) provides a good antidote for Trump’s ego-maniacal survival-of-the-fittest individualism, though I prefer the 95 percent Eisenhower era tax ceiling.

I would add: close all U.S. foreign military bases; end U.S. meddling in foreign politics; end murderous U.S. military aggressions; reduce the military budget accordingly; provide G.I. Bill-style vouchers for all accredited kindergarten through college education (the state is not alone qualified to educate); teach, everywhere, that our Constitution commits us to “promoting the general welfare”; redress, as possible, centuries of government-licensed abuse of Native American, African Americans, and later immigrants.

William H. Slavick