Letter: Beem's credibility grinds to a halt

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I am a liberal and follow, and usually agree, with what Edgar Allen Beem writes in his column. But in “Bumping, grinding and moralizing,” he blew it.

We lived, for a short time, in Florida. We could not wait to get back home from day one. While there the students’ popular dance was the Grind. I could not believe how bad that “dance” was.

There were many articles in the papers regarding this “dance” and all were negative. The teachers, administrators and the clean-up crew were absolutely appalled as to what went on when the Grind was done. The floors were littered with condoms. It appeared that the Grind was an unseen way to get away with having sex on the dance floor.

It was attempted to ban the Grind from all dances, but that was defeated as it was a human rights violation.

Mr. Beem, shame on you. You must have written your column without doing any research.

Do I now have to doubt all of the facts in your future columns? I hope not.

Gerald O. Maranda
Orr’s Island