Letter: Beem's column on guns is a sign of weakness

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It’s people like Edgar Allen Beem who complain about guns (“The Universal Notebook: Sick of guns, sick of intimidation”), but they quiver when confronted by armed enemies (burglars, terrorists, etc.). They couldn’t even protect their own families.

Beem is a classic example of how groups like ISIS and al-Qaida portray the typical jaded American.

Bruce Green

  • EABeem

    The fact that, like the majority of Americans, I favor universal background checks does not mean I am opposed to guns, gun ownership or carrying concealed weapons. No one is contemplating outlawing guns or trying to confiscate the 360 million already in circulation in this country. We have guns in our family. It just seems logical to do background checks on everyone who purchases a gun to make sure they are not prohibited from owning a gun by virtue of felony conviction or mental illness.