Letter: Beem's column ignores the rest of the story

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Well it’s obvious The Forecaster has joined the legions of biased liberal media to carry Hillary Clinton’s water into the White House – just as was done to get a devout socialist community organizer with no experience in for two terms. Edgar Allen Beem’s drivel (“The Universal Notebook: Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016,” May 26,) served as today’s media typical mitigation of any parties that address or dare ask the hard questions of her actions, statements, record, policies, or even character. Journalists and media used to be our watchdogs for political corruption, governmental deceit, and cover-ups. Now the goal is, as Beem’s demonstrates and The Forecaster fosters, to proactively discredit and silence any dissenting view, question, or issue.

After media sources from top to bottom ignored and concealed real issues from ’08 through today to protect and anoint Obama, perhaps your enlightened readers should ask “What’s the rest of the story?” And “Why has my news source tried to block all coverage or discussion of hard issues?” Or just stay complacently ignorant and swallow what is fed. Liberals praise Beem’s cover-up approach. But are Americans proud of being sold only half (or less) of the whole story?

Dave Reynolds