Letter: Beem's attitude contradicts his opinion

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I occasionally read Edgar Allen Beem’s columns and less occasionally I am mildly illuminated by his insights. However, the value of the insights he provides are usually outweighed by his opinionated, judgmental and sanctimonious attitude.

I am speaking of the opinions expressed in the July 28 edition. He claims to be a lifelong member of the “progressive” United Church of Christ, while he attacks the entire Maine Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, of which I am a member. I am confounded that a self-proclaimed “progressive” would attack the entire membership of the Catholic Church, on account of the obvious failings of a very few of its priests and administrators. While their acts and omissions were truly reprehensible and our Church’s response was wholly inappropriate and frankly unfathomable, that is a problem we Catholics wrestle with every day. However, Beem’s “my Church is better than your Church” attitude is not only immature and supercilious, but the rigidity of his thought process manifests someone who is closer to the thinking of Christian Science and Govs. Perry and LePage than he would like to believe.

Gregory Smith