Letter: Beem wrong on Bonny Eagle

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Whenever Edgar Allen Beem takes a position I find I seldom agree with him. His comments on the Bonny Eagle graduation are no exception.

When an individual makes an effort to prepare and deliver a graduation speech, be it the valedictorian or an invited guest, waving at friends and bouncing beach balls is just plain disrespectful and rude. There’s plenty of opportunity and time during graduation week to kick up your heels and celebrate, and if you happen to not cherish a formal proceeding, the least you can do for an hour is respect those who do, be considerate and sit tight. That’s really not much to ask.

Shame on Mr. Beem for condoning such rudeness, and worse yet, announcing to not just the Bonny Eagle seniors, but the teenage community at large, that if you think rules are too onerous then it’s OK to simply ignore them.

In my almost 80 years I’ve witnessed the prevailing moral standards and behavior of each generation, starting with those from the Victorian era, and there has been a progressive decline ever since. I pray that it bottoms out soon.

John Parker