Letter: Beem wrong about Agenda 21, nationalism

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Edgar Allen Beem’s column, “Nationalism is not Patriotism,” refers to anti-Agenda 21 comments as “graphic expressions of angry white men who listen to too much conservative talk radio.” Perhaps Mr. Beem (angry white man, who listens to too much MSNBC and NPR) should re-evaluate his own progressive agenda. Under the guise of international sustainable development, Agenda 21 espouses a political philosophy which emphasizes the importance of community in the functioning of political life, placing less importance on the individual and more on the collective. This is in direct opposition to American values of freedom and autonomy. Agenda 21 has been touted as “property fairness.” The real agenda is a veiled attack on individual property ownership rights.

Mr. Beem concludes by suggesting “If you can identify with one little patch of earth, you should be able to identify with all of it.” True, that for the grace of God go I, my country might be Iran, or China, Russia, or India. I am, however, an American. I do not identify with cultures that allow abuse of women, human rights violations, child labor, false imprisonment, religious oppression, beheading, and Jihad against others. I proudly identify myself with this country because it allows me to be free to speak and live my life without the government suppressing my rights. I empathize with those who live in other countries (who wish they were here). America is a better, kinder and more generous nation than any other. We can render aid to struggling countries, and still realize the greatness of our own.

Lin White