Letter: Beem, Whole Foods, 'Obamacare'

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I want to thank Edgar Allen Beem for once again showing us the ugly face of the Liberal left in this country with his rambling on CEO John Mackey of Whole Foods. Beem rails against Mackey for suggesting an approach to health care other than the one the Democratic Congress is trying to cobble up for their leader President Obama. Beem gives us a good example of what happens when you disagree with the president and the liberal agenda. You, your business, your employees are “rightfully and justifiably” boycotted. This is an attempt to hurt you economically for your challenge to the liberal leadership in Washington. It portends a dangerous future when one’s free and good faith expression of ideas is met with the threat of aggressive action.

Beem ends his posturing diatribe against Mackey, conservatives and capitalism by his sanction of the boycott. He thinks action should be taken against those suggesting an approach other than “Obamacare,” which is nothing more than a jumbled confusion of ideas. Liberals like Mr. Beem have always allowed their self delusional sense of moral and intellectual superiority to drive criticism aimed at extinguishing the ideas of those who think and speak of a different vision for this country. Yet, I support his right to disagree with anyone he chooses. But reasoned debate is what we require, not calls to actions aimed at hurting or destroying our opponents.

Earl B. Hathaway