Letter: Beem underestimates Cutler's opportunity

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Many frightened Maine liberals now realize how repugnant their Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Mike Michaud, is to most Mainers. Such liberals as journalist Edgar Allen Beem are now pleading for independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler to “make the ultimate sacrifice for the public good.” In other words, they want Cutler to drop out of the race and endorse Michaud.

Candidate Michaud is a flip-floppy Democrat who appears to have a history checking public opinion polls before deciding how to vote on anything, and probably what color socks to put on that day. I’m sorry Mr. Beem, but I also remember how Augusta functioned during the reign of the last Democratic governor. Those were the days when Democratic goons roamed the halls of the capital with impunity and stuffed ballot boxes to keep themselves in power. Those were also the days of a Democratic governor who ignored numerous allegations of fiscal improprieties by the head of the Maine Turnpike Authority while he continued to plunder taxpayer funds.

To candidate Cutler I say: “Hang in there!” Upcoming debates will surely expose the wishy-washy “I’ll vote for anything currently popular so I don’t have to get a real job” political history of the Democrat candidate. And, we can also count on the Republican candidate to say something stupid between now and then, which would guarantee Cutler the governorship.

Ted Sirois