Letter: Beem should stick to the sweet stuff

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Shame on you for printing that heinous column, “Bring Back Compassionate Conservatism,” by Edgar Allen Beem. Most who read your weekly paper do so mainly for the “wishful gossip” and humor provided from the Police Beat, as well as to catch up on recent civic and school-related news. If people are looking to read insults spewed toward those who do not share his “leftist-liberal-progressive” views, we could simply go to the editorial section of the Portland Press Herald every single day. For you to devote the editorial section of that particular week to the shortcomings of Michael Doyle from Falmouth, for “sucking up the town’s resources”, yet print another one of Edgar Allen Beem’s irrational rants about what make’s one a “true American,” as if he’s not “sucking the life out of civilized social behavior,” seems ironic at best.

I understand Mr. Beem’s column, “The Universal Notebook,” is an outlet for his “personal, weekly look at the world around him,” but rest assured, Mr. Beem’s opinion is simply not “universal.” Mr. Beem should stick to writing sweet and touching stories about becoming a grandfather for the first time, because, maybe then, and only then, he would be able to maintain an itty-bitty newborn grasp on the itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie bit of respect he still might have left in this world.

Karen Libby
Cumberland Center