Letter: Beem should look in the mirror

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The next to the last line of Edgar Allen Beem’s July 22 rant against Trump and Republicans in general (“Hilary Clinton and the end of white male privilege”) reads: “Trump is the perfect candidate for angry white men and their subservient mates.”

Seldom does one read a piece in which the writer vents his spleen with less restraint and more animosity. His irritability and frustration are almost palpable. His piece is chock full of charming words and phrases directed against Trump and Republicans who don’t share his enlightened opinions: “buffoon,” “mendacious conservatives.” “do-nothing, know-nothing Republican obstructionists,” “fraud,” “warped imaginations,” etc.

There’s a line written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns, which goes something like this: “Oh, God, the gift do give us to see ourselves as others see us.” Is Beem so biased that he doesn’t realize that he meets all of the criteria that he so unthinkingly disparages in his political opponents: an angry, white privileged male with a subservient mate (the latter is gratuitously nasty)?

Get a grip on yourself, Mr. Beem. Anger management counseling may help.

Walter J. Eno

  • poppypapa

    Whatever else anyone may think of him, Beem is chronically deficient in self-awareness, though he will often say that he is, and that such tirades are simply deserved by his targets.

    This is what you learn, apparently, in a career phase as a professional ‘art critic.’ And having adoring groupies assault you with praise in the fruits and nuts section at the grocery store feeds his need to continue doing so.

    • AverageJoe99

      Balderdash. Plain and simple balderdash.

      • EABeem

        There are a handful of pseudonymous online posters who spend a great deal of time reading my every word and twisting them out of shape to make some personal point, mainly just that I’m an idiot. Most are lovers of LePage and his brand of nastiness. I am flattered by their attention and am paid $2-per-post by the DNC to flush them out in the open for all to see.

        • Jimmy_John67

          Your comment perfectly exemplifies the observation that poppypapa made. The fact that you don’t seem to see that is utterly priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

    • Pinetree North

      All his mirrors must be busted. It’s the only logical explanation.

  • EABeem

    When dealing with people without principles or policies like Trump and LePage, who do absolutely nothing except insult people, all one can do is insult them back and point out what mean-spirited buffoons they are. Most people appreciate what a threat Trump is to America. But, yes, I am very angry at what unpatriotic, anti-American conservatives have done to make this country nearly ungovernable, turning it into such a chaotic banana republic that a man like Herr Drumpf is supported by Republicans and fundamentalist Christians despite the fact that he is not a Republican, a conservative, a Christian, or even a public-spirited citizen. All the reasonable people have left the GOP, leaving only the bigots, braggarts, bullies and blowhards. I’ll get anger management counseling right after Boss Paul and The Donald finish with theirs.

  • AverageJoe99

    In my way-too-many years observing presidential elections, I’ve seen my share of “so-and-so will be a disaster as president.” But never have I heard such loud and compelling arguments from such well-respected sources as have been heard regarding Donald J. Trump. And those are coming from his own party!

    Yes, Hillary is getting almost as much negative volume, but not from Barack Obama or Bill Clinton (no surprise there), Jimmy Carter, or other notable Democrats.

    Doesn’t it tell you something when two former Republican presidents, the most recent Republican presidential candidate and political rivals such as Ted Cruz refuse to back their party’s nominee? And those who do endorse him have done so very reluctantly?

    And what has been Mr. Trump’s response? “They’re losers.” Very presidential.

  • Jimmy_John67

    The kicker for me in the column referenced in this letter was Beem claiming anti-Clinton sexism before throwing out that last line where he strongly implied that if women don’t align with his opinions then they aren’t smart enough or capable enough of formulating their own voting decision. His assertion was the height of sexism and as always his true colors shine through.