Letter: Beem sees no evil, speaks no evil on Obama

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Please allow me to say how completely hilarious it is that Edgar Allen Beem has lately seemed to shy away from his seemingly never-ending rallying cry against conservatives and is now championing for the cause of – here it comes – chimpanzees. Apparently his “Personal-weekly-look-at-the-world-around-him” bubble has been burst by the easily predictable downfall and failure of Obamacare, combined with the pathetic approval ratings of the liberals’ messiah. He has apparently now put on his liberal blinders and chosen to see only what he wants to see.

I’m not entirely sure what Beem’s deadline is for publishing his narrow view of the world, but I’ll be watching for his extraordinarily delayed reaction to his dear leader’s my-way-or-the-highway State of the Union speech. (I needed a good laugh this week and was sorely disappointed.)

I dare say Beem’s article this past week was less about his actual concern for chimps and more about just trying to divert our attention from the fact that he that he is normally championing for chumps.

Karen Libby
Cumberland Center