Letter: Beem resorts to 'ghost stories' about GOP

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I totally understand partisan politics. Folks will say anything to make their side look better than the other. We all do it to some degree; I get it. But war on workers? I’ve never understood that one. If that were so, how are all the evil rich Republican businessmen going to run their environment-polluting corporations and make their mountains of cash?

Instead, how about we look at decades of poor public policy that enabled the unions to pillage municipalities’ coffers. I’m not bashing unions, they exist to represent the worker. I’m condemning the public servants (Republicans, Democrats and independents) that negotiated unsustainably bad contracts.

War on Women. Really? Based on this political ideology, you automatically hate the fairer sex? I never got the GOP memo about declaring war on my wife and daughters. Recruit women to come your party using ideas and results, not by creating evil bogeymen.

Now granted, Edgar Allen Beem does start his opinion piece deriding specifically the “extremists” in the Republican party. But, throughout the piece, he descends into referring to all this “warfare” as coming from the GOP in general. Instead of getting Americans to willfully come to or stay in your own party because of what you have accomplished and your vision for the future, you need to resort to telling ghost stories around the campfire to scare them away from the other side in hopes they’ll hide in your tent.

Jason Warnke
Republican candidate, House District 65