Letter: Beem promotes 'socialist agenda'

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Have you noticed how our local liberal, Edgar Allen Beem, always denigrates those of opposite political views with the most vicious personal characterizations? Michele Bachman becomes the “Mad-woman of Minnesota,” Cain becomes “Herman the Horny,” “Newt the Transformer” and Ron Paul has “holes in his head.” And he goes on to say “These mutant politicians make Mitt ‘Mr. One Percent’ Romney look almost like a reasonable man. Not principled, just reasonable.”

Well, I’ll take Michele Bachman over Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Nancy Pelosi any day of the week. As for “Mr. One Percenter’s,” Romney earned his money, unlike John Kerry who married his, Jon Corzine who stole his, and David Brock of Media Matters who made his by writing books from the right before writng books from the left. Like any big government lefty, Beem fails to recognize the liberties and freedoms we have lost. The recent defense appropriations bill allows our military to seize American citizens and detain them indefinitely without trial. What happened to protection from unlawful detention? I guess he also thinks it’s OK for a federal agriculture inspector to rifle through a pre-schooler’s lunch box, declare her mother’s food unfit for her consumption and force her to eat chicken nuggets. No freedoms lost there, just big government at work. So on a weekly basis we get the rantings of a local crank who provides his “look at the world around him” while promoting his socialist agenda. Spare me.

Jim Coull
Cliff Island