Letter: Beem points in the right direction

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I had breakfast last week at Governor’s and brought The Forecaster home with me. I read a letter from Jerry Gordon of Portland, in response to Edgar Allen Beem’s previous column. I did not read that column, but my eyes opened wide at Jerry’s rant. Does Jerry regularly read newspapers, watch or listen to the news? Did he not pay any attention to the eight years of Republican “management” of the country? Is he unaware which administrations deregulated the financial safeguards, to keep the economy in balance? Whom does he think inaugurated two wars, fought on a credit card, and began the bailout of unrestrained Wall Street firms? After the bailout, no new safeguards (except a watered-down placebo), and bonuses all around. How can Jerry Gordon take Beem to task for pointing a finger at the Bush-Cheney years?

Joseph Couture
Ipswich, Mass.