Letter: Beem plays fast, loose with facts

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I usually read Edgar Allen Beem’s rants every week and most times I disagree with him. The July 10 rant got me wondering why Beem doesn’t get his facts correct before he spews forth.

First: House Republicans have put forward many bills to solve problems, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has blocked them all. He won’t even let them be discussed.

Second: We need protected borders and rational immigration laws, otherwise we will lose our country.

Third: Gov. LePage has never refused welfare to legal immigrants, just to illegal immigrants. Federal law states that welfare can not be given to illegals. So he is upholding federal law. Get the federal law changed if you don’t like it.

Fourth: Gov. LePage has said when asylum seekers have been through the federal process and approved, then they would be eligible for welfare.

Fifth: When someone starts quoting the Bible to support his stand I run the other way. No facts? Then quote the Bible. You can find anything in it to twist around to prove your point.

So, Beem, quit nuancing the truth and get your facts right.

Joseph R. Couillard