Letter: Beem owes Poliquin an apology

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I am writing in response to Edgar Allen Beem’s column about Bruce Poliquin in the Sept. 24 edition of The Forecaster.

Well all know and have come to expect the usual mudslinging that comes from two political parties with ideals so opposite they aren’t in the same hemisphere.

This is America and we live in a free and civil society that allows us the opportunity to voice our individual opinions. That being said, there isn’t any civility when Beem takes a personal tragedy suffered by Poliquin and uses it to voice his obvious bias.

Regardless of Beem’s political leanings and his arbitrary need to get his point across, using personal tragedy to do the latter crosses the lines of indecency. A somewhat intelligent man such as Beem should know better and owes Poliquin an apology.

Paul C. Darling