Letter: Beem on target in criticism of LePage

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Edgar Allen Beem’s column titled “LePage Displays a Lack of Respect” has so appropriately targeted a very serious concern with the current governor of Maine. The governor’s total lack of respect for the majority of voters and the crude insults directed toward his opponents and the many Mainers that he so glibly characterizes as “special-interest groups” is fast eroding the confidence that residents of Maine deserve to have in anyone elected to the state’s top administrative post. In just three months Gov. LePage has squandered whatever small amount of respect the majority of Mainers (the 62 percent of the electorate that didn’t vote for him) might have allowed him when he took office. He has called damaging national attention to the business and political climate here and seriously undermined the notion of “Maine, the way life should be.”

How much more of this political erosion should the people of Maine have to endure? I hope we can trust our legislators, Republicans and Democrats alike, to return Maine to a more a positive and productive course.

John B. Fossum