Letter: Beem on target about Arizona

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Thank you for publishing such a refreshing piece about Arizona’s SB1070. Edgar Allen Beem provided a factual, intelligent, respectable explanation of the absurdity of SB1070. It’s nice to know there are people out there who know the facts and understand the corrupt economic force behind this bill. Of course people are making money from it – that’s why Jan Brewer signed it. Unfortunately, that’s how our country works. It’s up to us, the citizens, to demand comprehensive immigration reform that focuses on compassion for humans who make this country a better place.

I support amnesty. Just think of how much it will build our economy when we bring immigrants out of the shadows and they pay taxes, buy more goods, and participate fully in the community and the economy. Yes, most pay taxes now, and with legalization, they all will, which can only benefit our economy.

Nicole Hawkes
Vineyard Haven, Mass.