Letter: Beem needs a time-out

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In reading Edgar Allen Beem’s piece entitled “Glenn Beck, the ‘Libertarian Limbaugh,'” it is clear to me that Mr. Beem sees the world through “far-left rose colored glasses.” I challenge him and others who believe whatever they read to do at least one of the following: 1) listen to Glenn Beck for one week and see what you think, 2) listen to and read a wide variety of sources, not just what is fed to you by the mainstream media, 3) read works by the founding fathers, or true histories thereof, such as “The 5000 Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen, 4) pay attention to campaign promises on both sides of the aisle and question why they aren’t lived up to, and 5) question, among other things, why bills are being pushed through in such a hurry and without being read – where’s the responsibility and sense in that?

Unlike Mr. Beem seems to believe, you don’t have to be “educated” to understand where our country is headed. You just have to have common sense. I found Mr. Beem’s article to be full of hate and discontent. He would do better to tone down his language, as he would have more of a chance of persuading people. As it is now, he just appears to be an elite leftist who is not connected to common sense and who is without an open, discerning mind.

Mikaela Rios