Letter: Beem misunderstands 'marriage'

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The problem with Edgar Allen Beem’s argument in “The Bible is not the law of the land” is in the second sentence. He “assumes” that opposition to same-sex marriage is biblical in nature and related to homosexuality. It is not. This is a straw man he has constructed in order to knock it down. If he was honest or at least competent, he could have read any of the materials produced by the Catholic Church on this issue. In fact, opposition to same-sex “marriage” is that it is not marriage and that this is an attempt to redefine a word and an institution that is at the bedrock of civilization.

In the history of the world, marriage has been defined as being the union of man and woman.

The nature of marriage is key because society treats marriage differently and it does so because marriage provides (or should provide) a stable and secure environment for the nurturing of children. From a purely sociological point of view, mother-father families in which the adults are the biological parents of the children (or could be, in the case of adoption) are the best environment for raising children. Studies prove it. Furthermore, the complementarity of the sexes provide the right balance of personality and support that every child needs.

Virginia Bettinelli