Letter: Beem misplaces the blame

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Edgar Allen Beem’s column, or should I say, “tirade” (“Mainers immune to tea party hysteria”), showcases his own, as-well-as the rest of the extreme left’s, hysteria over the results of both the national mid-term elections, as well as Maine’s gubernatorial and legislative elections – results that were historically bad for his lefties.

He blamed the previous administration, corporate America, the Supreme Court, the tea party movement – in fact everyone but where the blame belongs: President Obama and his cronies, Pelosi and Reid. The well-known reasons for the election results were directly related to Obama’s two years in office: ever-soaring and scary deficits, 15 percent combined unemployment and under-employment despite a $1 billion “stimulus,” and a health-care bill that most Americans just don’t want.

Jerry Gordon