Letter: Beem misdiagnoses free-market ills

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It seems, from his recent column, that Edgar Allen Beem is gleefully pronouncing the death of capitalism by it’s own hands. I suggest an alternative explanation:

The free market in this great nation did not fall on it’s own sword. Rather, it has been slowly, but steadily, strangled at the hands of a growing nanny-state government which is intent on regulating and taxing every aspect of human activity, including commerce. To say that the free market failed on it’s own accord would be similar to saying that an Olympic weight lifter who was shackled and chained was a weakling who couldn’t carry his own weight. Free him of his chains, and he will be able to lift much more than his own weight. Similarly, lift away the burden of an all-powerful, all-taxing government from human activity, and America could once again be the economic engine – and envy – of the world. It is no coincidence that as America has strayed farther from the Constitutional constraints on government that both freedom and prosperity have been found posted on the endangered species list. As it is busily redistributing everyone’s wealth (for our own good), government must of course first take its (increasingly large) cut off the top. This cuts deep into the very nature of human freedom, and drains the lifeblood from human commerce. A government big enough to grant you what you need is a government big enough to take away what you have, to serve it’s own needs first.

Edward Palm