Letter: Beem isn't the only one 'sick of (gun lobby) intimidation'

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Thank to Edgar Allen Beem for his column on being “sick of intimidation” by the gun lobby. Those are my sentiments exactly. Right below that column was Marian McCue’s commentary about the gun lobby supporters shooting videos of citizens signing petitions to require background checks at gun shows.

I am now aware that almost all public spaces have been co-opted by the gun lobby, since anyone with a gun can now carry it concealed. If they purchased their gun at a show, they haven’t even passed a background check.

Despite our intense drug and alcohol abuse problem in Maine and poor care system for people with mental illness, anyone can purchase a gun and conceal it. Think about this next time you shop, go out to eat, attend a show, visit your local library or post office. Many people around you may be carrying concealed guns and they may not all be kindly or mentally balanced.

Why are we allowing a minority to continue to intimidate us from taking rationale action, such as requiring background checks for all gun sales? Why do we allow our legislators to pass laws allowing concealed weapons without permits? The “2nd Amendment rights” argument is a falsehood. The right to bear arms was never intended as a right to intimidate.

How will you feel when the next legislative session grants rights to carry concealed guns on our college campuses? I’ve been told that’s what’s coming.

Sue Stableford