Letter: Beem is wrong, Jesus was no 'liberal'

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I cannot sit idly by and allow your columnist Edgar A. Beem to call my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ a (gasp!) “liberal” without at least saying something. Yes, Mr. Beem is correct in saying that there are many so-called progressive churches today. Actually, such churches have existed since the founding of Christianity. The Apostle Paul was compelled to address a letter directly to the Corinthian Church concerning their liberal views towards the sexual misbehavior of a young man in their midst. It is apparent by Paul’s second letter to that church that they did not elevate that man to a position of leadership, which seems to be the norm in the churches Mr. Beem approves of. The second letter commends the church for the tough stand they took against that type of behavior and Paul expressed joy in the young man’s repentance.

This notion of repentance (remorse for past conduct and turning away from its practice) is very hard for liberals to accept. In The Book of John, Chapter 8, after Jesus saves an adulterous woman from an angry mob and forgives her, that episode ends with Jesus telling this woman “Go now and leave your life of sin.” This and many other examples in the Bible indicate to me that Jesus was no “liberal.”

Ted Sirois