Letter: Beem is right about money, wrong about Trump

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Edgar Allen Beem is right about “Our outlaw government.” That’s why Donald Trump was elected and Hillary lost. He misses the fact that money and power centers (Washington, D.C., New York and California) all went for Hillary; all people with more money than brains. Money corrupts both parties and Trump fully understands this. That’s why both parties are afraid of him, especially the left wing of the Democrats, who I find lacking in common sense. What happened to all on the left who said the economy would tank if Trump was elected? He is doing exactly what he said he would. I’m an independent voter who thinks both parties are corrupt.

Ernie Lamarre

  • Chew H Bird

    I cannot support Trump in any way shape or form. The major party alternative to Trump was also not acceptable. That said, I completely agree that both parties are failing to do their job of nominating and supporting candidates who not only have the best interest of the country at heart, but also pass the straight face test.

    • Ted Markow

      Agreed. The parties have self-organized to maintain the status quo. The world changes while they don’t, and that is becoming more apparent than ever.

  • Mainer1

    Great letter Ernie. Unfortunately, the DEMs just don’t get it.

  • EdBeem

    Trump hasn’t done a thing for the economy. More jobs created under Obama in 2016 than under Trump in 2017.

  • danmaine

    Great letter, now let’s watch Ed and the leftist progressives explode…