Letter: Beem is correct about the Republican right

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I would welcome the opportunity to take on in public debate anyone of the mindset displayed by Tom Crotty in his criticism of Edgar Allen Beem’s critique of Ron Paul. I wish we had the kind of world where everyone could have the ultimate in freedom. But the problem is that there are those who want to be free to impose their conservative Republican values on all the rest of us, including those of us culturally literate enough to know that what Ayn Rand wrote was but fabulous fiction, much as was the laughable Laffer Curve economically.

Even religious freedom in America does not extend to those whose minds are wrapped in the shrink wrap of a particular belief to use big-money politics to impose their values on all the rest of us.

Why can we not have a pragmatic approach along lines that have been properly tested and proved to be of an all-around benefit? As a free thinker who simply demands verifiable evidence for something to actually prove to be viable, I have yet to hear anything proposed by conservative Republicans that has been proved to work for the benefit of more than just the upper crust. What’s more, we are already seeing that their subscription to what President George H.W. Bush rightly called “voodoo economics” does not work. And they want us to let them have another go at the tried and failed?

May Edgar Allen Beem continue to point out their zombie-like obsequiousness to greed and stupidity.

George R. Eaton
South Portland