Letter: Beem ignores Maine's active seminaries

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Edgar Allen Beem recently lamented the loss of Bangor Theological Seminary as another blow to the Christian community in the ongoing drive towards secularism in our country. The fact is that Bangor Theological joined the secular movement years ago and its decline and ultimate closure is in some portion related to that change. Indeed its demise is very much the result of the efforts to change our society that Beem heartily endorses each week in his column.

Beem should have pointed out that Maine still has an active seminary in Bangor. Grace Evangelical College & Seminary grants undergraduate and masters degrees in various Christian studies including Master of Divinity. They started over 10 years ago as an alternative to the education provided at Bangor Theological. New England Bible College in South Portland grants associate and undergraduate degrees in several biblical concentrations and also prepares students for the seminary. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.

If Beem would like to support higher Christian education in Maine I urge him to support these fine colleges with their ongoing mission to train Christians for service.

Lincoln Merrill Jr.
North Yarmouth