Letter: Beem has become 'an angry elitist blogger'

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I loved reading the Edgar Allen Beem’s column, “Ignorance triumphant.” I loved it not because he and his ideological colleagues have now added “ignorance” on top of “irredeemable” and “deplorable” to describe me and anyone else with the temerity to reject his worldview, but because he epitomizes confusion and abject irony.

Been portrays himself as an educated person, yet displays a pedestrian confusion exhibited by the left on exactly who elected Donald Trump, why they voted the way they did, and the social value that those “ignorant deplorables” bring to our society. Instead he insists on blaming everything imaginable for their loss – except for the Democrat Party’s disconnected and unappealing choice of candidate, who never put forth a vision or a message for county after county of disenfranchised voters that had developed a distaste for D.C. and career politicians in general.

Beem’s delusion is very good for the loyal opposition, be it Libertarian, Green, Democratic Socialist, or Republican. The liberal mind insists on lecturing the world about facts, truths, and absolutes and then uses their imagined enlightenment as a cudgel. Beem demands tolerance of his world view and thinks that exacting such a result is accomplished by calling me ignorant. Someone less secure in their level of knowledge would see this as intellectual bullying.

Normally, I would say you’re better than this, Mr. Beem. However, in your case, I’m not so sure. Your writings over the recent past have devolved from another voice in a sociopolitical debate into the musings of an angry elitist blogger.

Scott Ruppert

  • EdBeem

    I’m not a blogger.

    • tiresias75

      I don’t think you’re much of an elitist either – take that comment any way you please….

  • justanotherfakename

    I’ve read Edgar’s columns for years and years, and have written the Forecaster a few times to say he’s getting carried away. But that’s his honest passion toward issues, and to say ‘Beem has become an angry elitist blogger,’ is off in several regards. Number one, he’s always been angry, he hasn’t ‘become’ angry, its not a new state of mind to his Universal Notebook. And besides, a good half his columns are observational, life, nature, relationships, with no anger at all. And he sure doesn’t seem like an elitist, who are generally country club wealthy types. If one actually reads his columns they would have to notice he sure doesn’t sound well off, wealthy, powerful, all trade marks of the elite. I’d say Edgar is middle class at best, no offense intended, and its hard for the not so well off, maybe almost in the middle, to be the…elite. That’s a quality more associated with Donald Trump and ilk, who was born into the elite country club golf course gated communities of the affluent. And yes, plenty of Democrats hanging out in the posh snooty Ivory Towers too. I just can’t picture Beem fitting in there too well.

    I’ll get back to kicking Edgar around myself in another week or two possibly, but just wanted to let the letter writer Mr. Ruppert know some of his points are off the mark from my perspective. And I almost forgot, where is the blog?

    • JohnQCitizen

      I just would like to weigh in here on Edgar Beem. I know Edgar quite well as I’m from Yarmouth. He grew up in Westbrook, mill town of blue collar workers, has low self esteem in relation to old time Yarmouth residents when he moved here and lived and raised his kids here in the 80’s and 90’s. He is a mill town guy who try’s to make up for his low self esteem in relation to the residents of Yarmouth, by his tweed jacket and scruffy beard and being a “journalist”. Can’t blame him for that. But I think I learned in college that you can only move up one social class in a lifetime, two is almost impossible. I think he has moved up one, and He will fit in perfectly with the elbow patches on his sports coat in Brunswick!

  • David R. Hill

    Hey, Mr. Robert, you know there is no such thing as the Democrat Party except in Rush Limbaugh’s twisted world. The use of correct names is important. If I choose to call you Mr. Robert, that does not make it so and, in fact, is kind of insulting. I apologize.

    • Jimmy_John67

      OOOOOH BURN!!! You sure told him!! Don’t cross David R. Hill or he comes out swinging with vicious insults like “Mr. Robert”. Just uncontrollable wit!

      • David R. Hill

        Merely advocating to use proper names for people and organizations. Sorry to offend you.

        • Jimmy_John67

          Did you not read my comment? You didn’t offend me. I was complimenting your wry wit and originality. With clever insults like “Mr. Robert” and a clear passion for making meaningless points you must be a huge hit at all the parties you aren’t invited to.

          • David R. Hill


          • Jimmy_John67

            Another original and witty zinger! Where do you come up with these scathing comebacks?

            P.S. You should probably learn what a troll is before busting that term out. I’m not trolling you, I’m directly making fun of your complete lack of wit and false sense of intellectual superiority. If anything you were closer to (poorly) trolling Mr. Rupert with your original comment. Normally I wouldn’t take the time to point this out but I know how important it is to you to use proper names for people and organizations.

        • EdBeem

          David, no point replying to J-J. His MO is to complain about insulting people while insulting people. There’s a name for that.

  • poppypapa

    Those who think ‘elitist’ in this context is a synonym for well-off or wealthy need to get out more.

    Eddie’s form of elitism is far more troubling. It’s his sense of moral, social, political, cultural, ideological, and especially intellectual superiority that I believe the letter writer was referring to. His joyous name-calling on a regular basis IS his form of intellectual bullying.

    The letter writer might consider referring to Eddie as ‘sanctimonious,’ which seems a closer fit.

    As for ‘lecturing the world about facts, truth, and absolutes,’ and Eddie’s imagined enlightenment, I remind Mr. Ruppert that Eddie frequently stakes out his position as a ‘post-modernist,’ for whom there is no such thing as absolute truth.

  • poppypapa

    Today in my travels back and forth to Portland, I saw an American Flag hanging upside down on the porch of a house on Bow Street in Freeport.

    Must be one of Eddie’s civil supporters.

    Here’s hoping they don’t decide to burn it as it hangs. Results could be far more ‘showy’ than they expected.

    Perhaps one of these days Eddie will honor us on a treatise about growing up.