Letter: Beem fails to score with soccer fans

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We are in complete disagreement with Edgar Allen Beem’s criticism of soccer (The Universal Notebook, “Confessions of a (recovering) soccer dad”).

First off, Beem mentioned that soccer was boring because of low-scoring matches. We disagree because low-scoring games make goals much more exciting. If goals were scored constantly, scoring a single goal would be of little importance and would not make too much of an impact on the final result.

Beem stated that, to increase the amount of goals, the offside rule and goalies should be removed from the game. As for the removal of offside, players could simply stand right in front of the other team’s goal and wait for a long ball to come to them. The player would have no defenders and an easy close-up shot. Beem said soccer is a frustrating sport. Well, this change in the game would result in pretty much unpreventable goals and increased frustration. The removal of goalies is an errant suggestion because the players would have access to easy goals, removing the requirement of skill.

According to Beem, soccer will never please goal-thirsty Americans. This is also incorrect because studies show that Americans between the ages of 18 and 35 follow Major League Soccer more than Major League Baseball. Beem’s opinions are based off of a demographic that is quickly changing. More and more Americans are realizing how exciting soccer is and the incredible skill involved in every single play of the game, not only the goals.

Kimberly Martins, Adelina Martins (age 15),
Connor Martins (12), Cody Martins (9)