Letter: Beem exists in an 'alternate universe'

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We discover yet another galaxy in Edgar Allen Beem’s alternate universe thanks to his latest column. Anthony Kennedy a “conservative activist”? Not lately, dude. Those five “conservative activist” judges just did you and your fellow hater-libs a huge solid. Ed Rendell, Chellie Pingree, Donald Sussman and yes, the Chinese Central Government Inc., can now legally pimp the publishers and editors of the Philadelphia Inquirer and The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram and expense those payments to minimize their corporations’ “fair share” of income taxes owed. Unfortunately, Maine Heritage Policy Center won’t have access to the investments from the Chinese Central Government, Hezbollah, George Soros, Iberdrola , etc. They’ll have to rely on money from corporations who don’t particularly care to see the members of the high school class of 2042 having to learn Mandarin in order to read their diplomas.

Mr. Beem, how about weighing in on the governor’s plan to help curb domestic violence ? More Orwellian double-speak?

Leo Soucek