Letter: Beem evokes sarcasm about Ron Paul

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How dare Edgar Allen Beem write about Dr. Ron Paul in terms that make him look like a self-serving, disoriented buffoon, when we know that only gold, grits, guns and God will save this Republic. And to denigrate his charming son Rand? Shame on you, Mr. Beem. You would never say those mean things to your own doctor and dentist.

I bet Beem never watched a minute of Fox News, where the truth and only the truth is told. If he did, he’d know that Dr. Paul wants a return to the gold standard so that his cache of bullion will top $10,000 an ounce. (That’s good “sound” Mises economics.)

He’d know that Dr. Paul wants to end war for the best reason. Not to save lives, mind you, but to save money. (Make money, not war.)

And insofar as what the word “liberty” means to Libertarians, it means: I Live Free. You Die.

Michael T. Bucci