Letter: Beem entertains, educates

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I hope you will keep publishing Edgar Allen Beem’s columns for as long as he writes them. Not only are they a distinctive feature of The Forecaster, but they give your readers entertainment and education in two ways: First, through the thoughtful, calm and compassionate thoughts they articulate, and second, through the frequently incandescent and remarkable responses that follow.

As someone who was not born in the U.S., there are still several things I have yet to comprehend: the popular beverage, Moxie; the popular dessert, brownies, and those who insist it matters where our current president was born. With the country’s problems, with the West’s problems, and with the world’s problems, that’s what the birthers froth about? Living long-term in a country other than where you were born gives you a special perspective. I don’t see that’s an automatic handicap or disqualification to be commander-in-chief.

Bill Bell